My Generation


H5 x Mirways




Short film My Generation : conception, direction et co-production

Walt Disney’s big boss, Bob Iger, said it the other day: “Hitler would have loved social networks”. The time in general would not have displeased him. He would have felt at home in our soft totalitarianism (less and less soft). Why don’t we leave our smartphones for a second and open our eyes wide closed?


Along an eight-minute travelling tour, we cross the different worlds of our time – contemporary art, GAFA, sport, religion, pornography, politics, finance; sacred cows, golden calves, generalized surveillance, people’s opiums. Everything goes through it. This is Jerome Bosch beamed into the post-Warhol era. If modern alienation is pointed out, there is no moral judgment, but a clinical detachment like Kubrick – the facts, nothing but the facts. If the coating is pop, the background is dark, and the soundtrack is no less anxious.


The film has been selected in many festivals (Zagreb, Seoul, Athens, Stuttgart,…) and has already won awards in Annecy, Manchester, Houston,…)